Nic Van Diemen

Nic van Diemen is a qualified Landscape and Segmental Paving expert with 40 years experience in construction, design, education and training.

This extensive background equips him with the practical experience and theoretical knowledge to give sound, accurate and up to date advice on all aspects of landscaping and segmental paving.

Career Resume

  • Qualified in Landscape Construction & Design.
  • Landscape Contractor 1975 – 1995.
  • Studied Landscape Design at RMIT – 1983.
  • Developed the Segmental Paviours Training Program in conjunction with the Clay Brick and Paver Institute, the Concrete Masonry Association and the Landscape Industry Association. (now Landscape Victoria)
  • Lecturer / Instructor Segmental Paviors Training Program in Melbourne 1988 – 2010, Japan 1994.
  • Lecturer in Landscape Design and Construction Holmesglen Institute of TAFE 1984 – 2010
  • Lecturer in Advance Certificate of Landscape Design and Construction -Melbourne University , Burnley Horticultural Campus 1987 –1992
  • Organiser and Presenter of Segmental Paving Seminars Melbourne 1990, 1992, 1994 , 1996, 2003, 2007 and Japan (Tokyo & Kyushu) 1994
  • Segmental Paving Training Programs for several overseas and local Industry groups 1989 –2007.
  • Represented Holmesglen Institute of TAFE at ‘Pave Africa,’ the 7th International Concrete Segmental Paving Conference  – 2003.
  • Chairperson of the Segmental Paviors Training Program Consultative Committee, 2004 – 10 .
  • Judge for the Landscape Industries Association awards 1992 -2013 and Worldskills Competition, 1992 – 2012.
  • Presented a paper at the 8th International Concrete Segmental Paving Conference in San Francisco in November 2006.
  • Awarded a Fellowship, by the International Specialised Skills Institute (ISSI) in Permeable Paving Systems (PPS) in 2005 to study PPS in Germany, England. Jersey Island, Holland and Germany. Successfully completed the Fellowship in 2006. Published PPS report 2009.
  • Presented a paper on PPS at Australbrick training program Melbourne 2007, Stone Expo Sydney 2008, and Landscape Victoria “Environmental Landscapes” Melbourne 2009.
  • Awarded Life membership of Landscape Victoria ( Former Landscape Industries Association of Vic.) 2010.